7 Habits Seniors Must Break To Live Longer

042622_Bad Habits Senior Needs to Break

While it’s easy for people to fall into bad habits, as they age, and their cognitive decline and physical health changes, unhealthy choices can disrupt their lives. Seniors need to make healthy lifestyle choices that will improve their health, longevity, and independence. Continue reading to find out what bad habits seniors must break and why.

1. Smoking

Older adults who smoke are more likely to have respiratory problems or other age-related issues. Smoking can lead to ineffective treatment, accelerate the progression of diseases, and increase the likelihood of elderly readmissions to hospitals. Your loved one can quit smoking by allowing him or her to have healthy snacks, participate in meaningful activities, and surround yourself with strong support.

2. Not being active enough

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to poor bone health and increased risk of injuries, accidents, or infections. Your loved one can start a routine of exercise, such as joining a gym, dancing lessons, gardening, or participating in charity walks.
Consider hiring a professional caregiver to help you if you are unable to exercise or need to give your loved one a break.

Just Like Home caregivers can help seniors with many daily tasks. This allows family caregivers to take time off or focus on other responsibilities. Our adult day-time care can be used for short-term or long-term relief for caregivers feeling overwhelmed.

3. Being Isolated

Refusing to spend time with family and friends can result in poor mental, physical and emotional health. Seniors who maintain a social life can feel more comfortable sharing their emotions with others than keeping them inside. Seniors can benefit from socialization by engaging in physical and mental activity, which can strengthen their overall well-being.

4. Not getting enough sleep

Poor sleeping habits are common among older adults. They could experience poor metabolism, heart disease and dementia. Encourage your loved ones to have a good bedtime and sleep for at least eight hours each night.

5. Overeating

Overeating can cause the stomach to expand, and the body may produce more hydrochloric acids. This could lead to esophageal acid buildup. Heartburn is more likely as a result. Overeating can cause insulin problems, which can disrupt blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain.

As your loved one begins to adopt healthy habits, a professional caregiver can help. Seniors may find it difficult to maintain a high standard of living. Professional caregivers can help. Day-time caregivers are available to assist loved ones with lifestyle changes that will increase their chances of living a long and healthy life.

6. Drinking

Alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage, cancer, and other immune system disorders. Your loved one should give up alcohol and switch to red wine. Red wine’s resveratrol can reduce the risk of dementia, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

7. Management of Stress Poorly

Neglecting to manage stress can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack, as well as accelerate cognitive decline. Learning how to manage anxiety can reduce the likelihood of depression and improve the quality of life. You can help your loved one manage stress by joining a support group or participating in stimulating activities.

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