Amazing Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Just Like Home Senior Day Care Activates

Activities for Seniors With Limited Mobility:

There are many factors that can affect our mobility, even though we all want to be active and healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that seniors have to be sedentary. Many activities are suitable for seniors with limited mobility and with little creativity.

Here is a partial list of activities seniors with limited mobility can enjoy in:

  1. Enjoy old-time movies and tv shows. Offer magazines, books, DVDs, and other media. Ask your relatives about their favorite TV shows, movies and music. Talk about the movie with your family members if possible.
  2. Enjoy delicious food. Find out their favorite foods and give it to them. You can ask multi-cultural relatives to take part in the activity, such as asking them to cook a favorite national dish together.
  3. Do upper body exercises to get active. One-on-one balloon playing is a great exercise for the upper body. Singing songs that include actions is another way of exercising the upper body. Songs like ‘YMCA’ and ‘Macarena’ are great to start.
  4. Any music can reduce stress and boost spirits. You can turn the radio to their station or, if they are able, give them an iPod with a playlist from their youth. You can borrow CDs from the library that contain music from their native country if they don’t speak English.
  5. Make a few jigsaw puzzles. For the bedside table, large jigsaw puzzles that have 16-24 pieces are best. For reminiscing, puzzles that feature beautiful images such as animals, scenery, or tools and objects from years past are great.
  6. Many seniors have limited mobility due to stroke, severe arthritis, or injuries sustained in a fall. Whatever the reason, seniors with limited mobility will likely be restricted in the activities they can participate in. They might not be able do the things they once enjoyed.All hope is not lost. They can still enjoy hobbies and activities despite their reduced mobility. Even though they are unable to move as much, they can still have fun and improve their mood. It is important to adapt activities to their level and to choose activities that they can do easily.
  7. Even if your loved one isn’t very mobile, there are mild exercises that they can do to keep their heart pumping and get them moving. For example, they can do seated or chair yoga. To ensure stability, some exercises can be done with a walker. The Institute on Aging says that light arm weight circuits and chair exercises can be done from a wheelchair.
  8. Your senior can express their creativity by coloring, drawing, painting, and sculpting. You can help your senior express their creativity by creating scrapbooks, organizing family albums or creating a recipe book.

Complete list of activities at “Just Like Home” adult day center:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Music
  • Exercise
  • WII bowling
  • Piano
  • Raised gardening
  • Feeding the birds
  • Watching wildlife
  • High Definition TV for those that want to just relax

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