Beck Machine

Beck Machine

If you know anything about ultra-low frequency treatments, you probably know about the ground-breaking research by Dr. Bob Beck. The Beck Machine is used to alter brain waves to cleanse the blood and treat life-threatening diseases like cancer. Other remedies like colloidal silver or a specialized diet are suitable to accompany this machine.

What is the Bob Beck Protocol?

The research behind the Bob Beck protocol and the Beck Machine is based around our gut bacteria. Bacteria may seem like something gross but it is in all of us whether we like it or not. As you may have heard from other medical experts, gut bacteria can either come in useful or harmful forms.

What is even more interesting is the discovery that bacteria within humans may produce electricity. In particular, our guts are rich in a wide variety of electronic bacteria that can either be beneficial or harmful.

In order to disable the disease-causing varieties of electrogenic bacteria, small doses of a certain frequency of power may be applied. In fact, the experiments of Dr. Bob Back has shown that even healthy cells have been left unharmed.

Is Electricity A Treatment for Cancer?

Any traditional doctor or alternative medicine doctor will know that cancer is a serious disease that cannot be cured overnight. While electricity at a certain frequency can be used to reverse its effects, don’t expect a magic bullet in a short period of time.

The way Bob Beck uses the Beck Machine to treat cancer is actually by neutralizing certain pathogens to strengthen the immune system. With the assistance of certain supplements and cleanses, the immune system will be even stronger.

Particularly, neuropeptides have been found to be the biggest weapon against growing cancer cells. By removing pathogens with certain wavelengths of power and by supercharging the immune system, these neuropeptides will be produced at an increased efficiency.

The small electrical currency also attacks viruses or bacteria that can attack the immune system. If there has been a recent chemotherapy treatment or previous conditions, the immune system is already at a weakened state. The idea is to create the perfect condition within the body so that neuropeptides can thrive.

Does Alternative Medicine Work?

The Bob Beck protocol and the Beck Machine are obviously forms of alternative medicine. Just like anything on the internet, you are probably left skeptical about its benefits.

It is completely natural to question everything, but you shouldn’t assume anything is wrong without looking into the evidence. Many of the articles presented by Dr. Bob Beck are backed by linked scientific studies that you can use to convince yourself.

Generally speaking, any form of alternative medicine can sway either way. It is up to users to check out the credentials of the manufacturing company and the scientific evidence that has been presented.

If you are suffering from a major or minor disease, you may be able to fit the Beck Machine into your health care routine. If you have any questions about this particular product, feel free to contact us at 206-708-6408.



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