CBD flower wholesale direct

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CBD flower wholesale direct

If you wish to taste cannabis without getting the stoned effect, try our CBD flowers. CBD is found in its most natural form in CBD hemp flowers. Hemp flowers are time-tested and are the easiest way to get CBD in your body. To get the full benefits of CBD and enjoy a regulated homeostatic lifestyle, you need to get your CBD products from a reputable B2B CBD flower supplier. 

Why choose our CBD flowers? 

Farming methods

Organic farming is crucial in producing high-quality CBD flowers. We harvest our hemp plants from well-regulated farms that do not use harmful pesticides. The organically grown plants ensure minerals, fatty acids, and valuable nutrients are available in the CBD flower.   


Hand trimming is the best way to harvest CBD hemp flowers as it removes all the leafy materials from the buds. Although our hand-trimmed CBD flowers command a high price, it is much smoother than flowers trimmed using a machine. Also, machine-trimmed lowers leave behind leafy materials, which result in a harsh taste in the end product. Therefore we err on the side of hand-trimmed flowers to ensure we produce high-quality CBD products. 


Proper curing is essential in the making of high-quality CBD hemp flowers. We do curing in cool, dark rooms with constant airflow and temperature to produce better-looking buds rich in cannabinoids and terpenes using the jar curing process. Our jar-cured flowers are placed in a jar in a dark room and left there for some time. This process helps preserve the quality of our CBD flowers, producing smooth flowers rich in aroma and flavor.

Lab testing

Our CBD flowers are lab tested by an accredited third–party laboratory in line with international origination for standardization. We are always ready to display the lab results of our hemp flowers for our clients. The test results show that our flowers are cultivated under best practices. Customers who want to buy CBD smoke online can access all the information about our flowers through our website. Also, to be compliant, the THC content in our hemp flower does not exceed 0.3%, as federal laws require.  

Aroma and flavor 

CBD flowers have a distinct aroma and flavor. Depending on the CBD flower strain,

our flowers offer clients various flavors to choose from, ranging from

 citrus, fruity to the strong earthly intense aroma of sweet.

Privacy and security

We provide secure and safe platforms for transactions. Any personal data and transaction information belonging to our clients is encrypted.

Deliver system

We pack our flowers for discreetness and freshness and offer fast delivery of

products to reduce the risk of spoilage.

Customer service

Apart from our staff being friendly and helpful, they are knowledgeable about our products. Our team is available to respond to clients who want to buy premium hemp flowers from us.


Our customers leave excellent reviews concerning our products and services. You can visit our social media sites and websites to see some reviews.  Purchase CBD buds from the best CBD hemp flower wholesale supplier.

Please reach out to Pineapple Society at 541-223-9566 to shop our organic, high-quality CBD flower and CBD-infused coffee.


CBD flower wholesale direct
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