Checklist for an Adult Day Center


Before you make the decision to keep your adult in a particular day care center, I always recommend that you spend an entire day at the place and get a firsthand experience of how the place is being run. This will give you the opportunity to better assess their expertise, procedures and personnel. Here is a list of the things I think you should check out while you are there:

Did you feel at home?

You must be able to feel at home if the place is good. You must see the willingness of their staff to make you and the adults there as comfortable as possible. They must show a determination to be gentle and accommodating towards the adults and always treat them like welcome guests.

Is the facility clean, pleasant, and free of odor?

You must never overlook this. The environment must be healthy enough for both the staff and the adults they will be taking care of. An environment that cannot be kept clean at all times will breed disease and various kinds of infections; you surely do not want to leave your adult where they are exposed to diseases.

Is the building and site wheelchair accessible?

Some of the older adults may need wheelchairs to move around, if they know what they are doing, there will be a wheelchair way especially at every staircase in and around the buildings.

Is the furniture sturdy and comfortable?

Since the older adults will be sitting down for a greater part of the day, the furniture provided should be able to keep them comfortable for that long. The chairs should also have arm extensions for lounging and relaxation.

Did the staff and participants seem cheerful and comfortable?

If the members of staff are not comfortable in the center, there is no way they can give their best to the adults. A good adult day care center must have a good employment package to make sure there is job stability for every member of staff to be comfortable and settled at all times.

Are participants involved in planning activities?

This point is very vital for me because you must remember that these are adults who want to be treated with the respect that they deserve; they should not just have routines and activities shoved at them, it is very important that they be part of the decision making when it comes to the activities of the center. Participation in the decision making will give adults that feeling of respect and responsibility they are actually seeking for to keep them going through the rough days of advanced adulthood.

Were the center services and activities properly explained?

As a guest, you should be treated to a detailed explanation of the routines and the activities at the day care center just as they will do with new older adults who will be attending the day care.

Is there a quiet place in the center?

I think there should be one or two quiet spots at the center, this is very important for adults especially when they are having a particularly bad day. Remember, it is a day care center for adults and not a prison where they are forced to participate in the programs of the center. There should be space to spend your day in silent contemplation if you choose to.

Above all, make sure that while you are there, they are not trying to cover or hide anything from you or any other visitor that shows up. Make sure that the kindness expressed to you is what you notice them extending to the adults who are already with them.

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