Co-occurring Disorders

Co-occurring Disorders

Best Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders: Dual Diagnosis

New Horizons Recovery Centers offers an array of outpatient treatment programs to help individuals suffering from co-occurring disorders. Our experienced clinical professionals provide personalized care in a safe, comforting environment that emphasizes evidence-based practices, compassion and individualized goal setting. We understand that co-occurring illnesses can take many forms, and our dual diagnosis treatment is designed to give each patient the best chance for sustained recovery.

Dual diagnosis treatment is when more than one mental health disorder or addiction co-occur simultaneously. Our team is trained to assess and diagnose co-occurring conditions in order to create a tailored treatment plan that will maximize success. Here are seven benefits of choosing a dual diagnosis program:

1) Increased access to medical and mental health care: Dual diagnosis treatment provides easy access to both medical and mental health professionals. This allows for close collaboration between the two, allowing both to be treated simultaneously.

2) Comprehensive assessment and treatment plan: All dual diagnosis patients receive a comprehensive assessment from our clinical team, which helps identify co-occurring conditions that could be contributing to the symptoms or underlying cause of the disorder. This information is used to create a tailored treatment plan designed to address each condition as needed.

3) Improved coordination of care: Since all co-occurring disorders are assessed and treated together, there is greater continuity in terms of care. This reduces the risk of medication interactions, misdiagnoses and other potential complications associated with co-occurring disorders.

4) Prevention of relapse: Dual diagnosis treatment helps to reduce the risk of relapse for co-occurring conditions by providing comprehensive and integrated care that addresses both disorders simultaneously.

5) Increased motivation for recovery: As co-occurring conditions can be highly intertwined, receiving dual diagnosis treatment allows patients to have a greater sense of understanding and acceptance of their condition, thus increasing their motivation to recover.

6) Holistic approach to care: Dual diagnosis treatment takes a holistic approach when caring for co-occurring illnesses, addressing psychological, physical, social and spiritual needs as needed.

7) Long-term success in recovery: Through the integration of evidence-based practices and experiential therapies, our dual diagnosis treatment provides the foundation for long-term success in recovery.

If you or someone you love is struggling with co-occurring disorders, don’t hesitate to reach out and get help. New Horizons Recovery Centers offers comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment that can provide the support and care necessary to build a successful path toward recovery. Contact us today and start your journey toward healing and wellness.


  1. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses co-occurring mental health disorders and addiction simultaneously.
  2. There are seven benefits of choosing a dual diagnosis program including increased access to medical & mental health care, improved coordination of care, prevention of relapse & more.
  3. Dual diagnosis treatment takes a holistic approach, addressing psychological, physical, social & spiritual needs as needed.
  4. Long-term success in recovery is possible with evidence-based practices & experiential therapies.
  5. Contact New Horizons Recovery Centers today to start your journey towards healing & wellness.

If you or someone you know is in need of co-occurring disorder treatment, reach out to New Horizons Recovery Centers for compassionate and comprehensive care that can help put you on the path to healing and wellness. Our experienced clinical professionals are here to provide support every step of the way – call us today for more information about our dual diagnosis treatment programs and facilities.

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Co-occurring Disorders

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