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Top 5 Rehabs Offering Detox Oxnard Programs

Channel Islands Rehab is a full-service addiction recovery facility that offers comprehensive treatment for individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders. With a team of experienced professionals and evidence-based therapies, Channel Islands Rehab provides the support and guidance needed for a successful recovery journey. In this article, we will explore the top 5 rehabs offering detox Oxnard programs, with a focus on the therapies and programs each facility offers.

–Channel Islands Rehab (

As the number one choice for detox Oxnard programs, Channel Islands Rehab offers a unique, holistic approach to addiction recovery. Their state-of-the-art facility provides a safe and comfortable environment for patients to undergo alcohol detox medications Oxnard and embark on their recovery journey. With a wide range of therapies, including individual and group therapy, experiential therapy, family therapy, and holistic treatments, patients can expect a tailored treatment plan to address their specific needs. The alcohol detox timeline Oxnard is designed to provide patients with the necessary tools and support to achieve long-term sobriety.

–Passages Malibu (

Passages Malibu is a renowned rehab facility that offers customized detox Oxnard programs. Their treatment plans include cutting-edge therapies such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and biofeedback to help patients overcome addiction. In addition to traditional therapy methods, Passages Malibu emphasizes the importance of physical and mental wellness through exercise, nutrition, and meditation.

–Betty Ford Center (

The Betty Ford Center, part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, is a respected name in addiction recovery. Offering detox Oxnard programs and comprehensive treatment options, the center focuses on evidence-based practices, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing. They also provide family programs and support for loved ones, ensuring a holistic recovery experience.

–Promises Treatment Centers (

Promises Treatment Centers offer detox Oxnard programs, specializing in treating addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Their multidisciplinary team of experts utilizes evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and 12-step support groups. They also offer alternative therapies like equine therapy, art therapy, and yoga to support a well-rounded recovery process.

–Cliffside Malibu (

Cliffside Malibu provides detox Oxnard programs, along with a comprehensive and individualized approach to addiction treatment. Their experienced staff utilizes a variety of evidence-based therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing. In addition to traditional therapy methods, they offer alternative treatments like acupuncture, massage therapy, and adventure therapy to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

In conclusion, finding the right rehab facility is crucial for anyone seeking recovery from addiction. The top 5 rehabs offering detox Oxnard programs discussed in this article provide a diverse range of treatment options, therapies, and support to help individuals achieve lasting sobriety. Each center focuses on delivering evidence-based care, ensuring that patients receive the best possible support throughout their recovery journey.


  • Detox Oxnard programs are available at a variety of reputable rehab centers.
  • Treatment plans often include a combination of evidence-based therapies and alternative approaches.
  • Support for loved ones is a key component of a holistic recovery process.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we encourage you to call and speak with one of our recovery specialists or request immediate placement into our program.

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