Digital Addiction Treatment

Digital Addiction Treatment

Do you ever feel that most of the time that you are awake, you are always with a gadget, and are in front of a screen? Whether it is socializing, studying, or playing video games, if sleep, food, ad tech are the only things you resort to then you are a tech addict, no matter how productive your screen time is.

Technology addiction is a relatively new type of addiction that has only begun in the last decade. Addiction or unhealthy obsession with a lot of things such as social media, video gaming, texting, gambling, amongst others, comes under technology addiction.

If you think you or someone close to you has technology addiction, here are a few signs that can help you identify better:

  • More depressive attitude and thinking,
  • Frequent anxiety,
  • Decreased physical activity,
  • A screen time of more than 11 hours,
  • Disturbed routine and sleeping patterns,
  • Decreased friends and social life.

These are just a few signs of technology addiction, for proper diagnosis consult and expert. One leading digital addiction treatment center that you can consult and get help from is the Omega Recovery Center in Austin, TX. We have one of the finest Technology addiction treatment programs anywhere in the country. Our leading expert doctor, Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is one of the most experienced and successful doctors in treating tech addition. He has developed a unique 8 evidence-based modalities program that we apply in our clinic, to help our patients get rid of technology addiction permanently, for good!

Our Evidence-based Modalities For Tech Addiction Treatment:

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,
  2. Dialectical Behavior Therapy,
  3. Peer Recovery Coaching,
  4. Nature immersion,
  5. Outdoor Behavioral Health,
  6. Narrative Therapy and the “Hero’s Journey”,
  7. Mindfulness,
  8. Yoga and Somatic Techniques.

We believe that the Treatment for technology addiction technique of stopping access to the gadgets the patients are addicted to that many recovery centers use, is not good for long term recovery, it only makes the patient more frustrated and does not give them an outlet to release their passion or energy elsewhere. With our 8 modalities unique plan, we take the patient on a complete recovery journey by not only treating them rid of their addiction but also making them divert their energy in activities that are good for them. Out treatment center provides the perfect place for patients to socialize and reconnect with the real-life, outside of their screens. Our 8 evidence-based modalities treatment method focuses on the social and mental health of an individual and takes them through a journey to show them how beautiful life is, even outside their gadget screens. We introduce them to new outdoor or socializing activities that make them connect with the real world. Our unique method for Internet addiction and Computer addiction treatment is highly successful due to the holistic and encompassing approach that these 8 evidence-based modalities are based on.

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