Geriatric Care Managers Santa Monica

Geriatric Care Managers Santa Monica

For the best geriatric care managers in Santa Monica, trust the professional caregivers at Innovative Healthcare Consultants. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent in-home services with the highest level of patient commitment.

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

"Geriatric care manager" is a term that is used in a variety of settings. In a hospital setting, a discharge planner is sometimes referred to as a "care manager." However, this is an example of a person who will only be involved on a short-term basis. Sometimes, in facilities or home care agencies, "care manager" is a term that is used for an individual, and there are different skills and roles that are required in these types of settings when the term "care manager" is utilized.

A care manager is really a hidden resource. We can't tell you the number of times that individuals have called us, and when we've assisted them, they say, "I wish I would have known about you two years ago," or something like this. If they had, they might have been in a better situation than they are today.

What is the Benefit of Consulting with a professional geriatric care manager in Santa Monica?

At Innovative Healthcare Consultants, our professional geriatric care managers in Santa Monica are independent parties. You won't be getting an individual who is associated with any particular organization. Their loyalty is bound to the individuals they look after. They don't receive any referral fees for referring an individual to a service, which allows them to stay objective.

Our geriatric care managers are incredibly knowledgeable about resources that are available in the community. We can also provide crisis management in certain situations.

What Services Does a Care Manager Provide?

A care manager is able to assist in a variety of ways. Initially, we might meet with the family for a consultation, especially if the individual needing care doesn't want to meet with us. From there, we can complete a comprehensive assessment. Generally, we like to meet with the individual in their home setting to get a true picture of their routine and how things are working. We can help to identify their specific needs.

We can also assist in planning for the future to prevent a crisis situation from occurring. We can help with coordinating services for the person and their family. We can evaluate the services they're receiving as well as other services that may be available to ensure that the client is receiving the highest quality of service. We can also address problems as they arise, and we can help to change providers as the need comes about. We can modify a client's plan at any time, when necessary.

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Geriatric Care Managers Santa Monica
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Geriatric Care Managers Santa Monica
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