Learning More About Dementia From The Inside

Dave Morbeck & former Wisconsin Governor, Martin Schreiber

“Just Like Home” Adult Day Center owner Dave Morbeck was part of a group of business leaders that participated in a Dementia Friendly Community project in order to learn more about how businesses can address, handle, and make both individuals and families of those with Dementia feel welcome when out in the community.

The keynote speaker for the event was former Wisconsin Governor, Martin Schreiber.  Governor Schreiber shared his experiences and provided advice to those caring for individuals with Dementia.  Schreiber’s wife Elaine suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Schreiber says, “Dealing with a loved one with Dementia is terrible.  Failing to understand the disease is even worse.”

Morbeck was able to discuss the services that he provides at Just Like Home Adult Day Center with Governor Schreiber.

“Listening to his experiences, and hearing that his wife Elaine also attended an Adult Day Center, was really validation for all that we do to help people”, Dave commented.

Schreiber has written a book, “My Two Elaines”, describing his journey as he has cared for his wife.

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