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Recognize Parkinson’s Symptoms in Senior Adults

How to identify Parkinson's symptoms in older people The brain is the first place that Parkinson's disease begins. Some nerve […]
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042622_Bad Habits Senior Needs to Break

7 Habits Seniors Must Break To Live Longer

While it's easy for people to fall into bad habits, as they age, and their cognitive decline and physical health […]
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Stress Related Healthy Issues for Seniors

Stress Related Healthy Issues for Seniors

Seniors are constantly concerned about stress due to factors like declining health, lack of independence, boredom and diminished social life. […]
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040622_Managing Senior Caregiver Stress

7 Tips for Managing Caregiver Stress

Article Reference: (March 31, 2022)— Stress can damage your health if you do not manage it properly—especially if you […]
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Wildlife seen from the patio of Just Like Home adult day care center

Wildlife On Display for Our “Just Like Home” Guests

You will have an absolutely WILD TIME At Just Like Home Adult Day Center!!! And you never know who you […]
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healthy eating tips for seniors Just Like Home adult day care center Jackson WI

9 Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

Find out about nutrition and health eating tips for seniors. It is vital to eat well at all ages. Did […]
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Helping Children Understand Dementia

Dementia is a mental disease that is far-reaching and can affect the entire family, including children and grandchildren. For kids, […]
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Just Like Home Adult Day Center in Jackson WI Testimonial 4

Testimonial #4 for “Just Like Home” on the Care of a Loved One

Testimonial #4 | "Just Like Home" Adult Day Center, Jackson WI "Dave and Lisa - A very special Thank-You to […]
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