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Veterans Home Care: Alzheimer’s Awareness Month 2023

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month is observed each year in November. The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America takes this annual opportunity to spur more dialogue and education around Alzheimer’s care and early signs of the disease.
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How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking Per Day
Navigating the Transition to Adult Day Care Tips for a Smooth Journey

Navigating the Transition for Seniors to Adult Day Care: Tips for a Smooth Journey

“Smooth Sailing: A Guide to Seamlessly Transitioning to Adult Day Care” Introduction A. Brief overview of the increasing need for […]
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Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

Written By June 14th, 2023 8 Nutrition Tips for Older Adults When it comes to meeting their nutritional needs, […]
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How Can You Tell If an Older Adult Is Dehydrated?

How Can You Tell If an Older Adult Is Dehydrated? Written by Jennifer Arnouville, DO, FAAFP | Reviewed by Katie E. Golden, MD […]
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How to Clean Out Your Parents’ House

Sooner or later, most of us will face cleaning out a parent’s home. Here’s how to make an enormous task easier and quicker. You never realize how much stuff your parents have packed into their home until you have to clean it out. You may be looking at decades of acquisitions … newspaper clippings, clothing, holiday decorations, furniture, collections, tools. Many of those things will carry memories and emotions for your parents and perhaps you, too. 
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Summer Crafts for Seniors day care Just Like Home Jackson WI

Summer Crafts for Seniors: Engaging and Enjoyable Activities for Day Care Session

As the summer sun shines brightly, it's essential to keep our beloved seniors engaged in fulfilling activities that foster creativity and social interaction. Crafting is not only a fun and enjoyable pastime but also offers numerous cognitive and emotional benefits for seniors, making it a perfect activity for day care sessions.
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Is it Sexual or Something Else? Possible Signs of Dementia

One woman in the assisted living residence had to be watched closely so she didn’t take off her clothes—all of them. AFA social worker Melpo Voulieris, LMSW, who worked there at the time, said she had to educate the staff about what was behind the woman’s actions. 
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“The Impact of Adult Day Care Centers on Local Communities”

“The Impact of Adult Day Care Centers on Local Communities” Sponsored by “Just Like Home” adult day center: Introduction Adult […]
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