Nursing Homes In Fayetteville Ar

Not all nursing homes in Fayetteville, AR are able to offer the wide range of services, amenities and activities that Rogers Health and Rehabilitation Center provides for their residents, which is one reason why Rogers Health should be a part of your short list if you are considering facilities in the Fayetteville area.

Are you challenged by the sheer number of assisted living facilities in the Northwest Arkansas area? Don’t be intimidated by all of the claims that every center you come across is able to meet the needs of your loved one. The truth is that very few can offer what you need, making it vitally important that you visit every facility you consider to be a prospect.

You’re going through enough stress right now, don’t add to it any more than is necessary. Professionals in the industry believe it’s a wise decision to print out a checklist from the Internet or make your own, with all of the essential items you are looking for in a facility- then bringing your list as you visit 3-5 centers that are among your top picks. Consider adding a few of these items to your list:

– Does the facility you are considering offer the short-term or long-term care your loved one needs? The highly skilled healthcare professionals from Rogers Health use high tech treatments and sophisticated therapies to deliver outstanding care that is centered around focusing on the patient as an individual, while remaining committed to achieving the best outcome possible.

– Are amenities offered that make the facility feel like home? Rogers Health provides complete housekeeping and laundry service, private rehab suites, beauty salon and barbershop services, community TV areas with cable television, catering to specialized diets, therapeutic activities for residents, WiFi and much more. Amenities are what has made Rogers Health one of the most popular nursing homes in Fayetteville, AR.

– Are the residents enjoying the recreational activities at the facility you are visiting- or are they going through the motions, or simply sitting there? Your loved one will enjoy the variety of activities at Rogers health that include arts and crafts, cooking classes, fishing, gardening, family nights, picnics, singing, outings to the theater and much more.

– Does the facility you are considering take into account the specialized diet your loved one is on or their preference for certain foods? At Rogers Health, their dietary services department specializes in the nutritional value of the food they prepare, while recognizing that taste is important as well. Upon admission, you and your loved one will have the opportunity to express preferences to ensure satisfaction with meals.

Feel free to visit to see a full list of services, amenities, recreational activities, testimonials and more. We think you’ll find Rogers Health and Rehabilitation Center to be one of the best nursing homes in Fayetteville, AR.

If you have questions for the staff, please call 479-636-6290 or stop by the facility when your schedule allows. The staff at Rogers Health will be more than happy to show you around.
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