Opioid Addiction Treatment Tarzana

Opioid Addiction Treatment Tarzana

Opioids or opiates are obtained from the opium poppy. These drugs include synthetic and partially synthetic variations including:

  • Morphine
  • Codeine
  • Hydrocodone
  • Heroin
  • Percodan
  • Oxycodone

Opioids can be beneficial when administered in small amounts by a trained medical professional at Tarzana treatment centers. These drugs are often used to provide pain relief. However, using these drugs for recreational purposes without a doctor's prescription is considered abuse. In addition, some opioids, including heroin, are illegal in most countries.

Opioids can be extremely addictive. Opioid abuse and addiction can have adverse health effects and may even cause death in some cases. Opioids can be administered into the body in various ways, including:

  • Orally
  • Inhalation through the nose
  • Smoking
  • Injection into the vein

Opioids affect the brain and cause a temporary feeling of intense pleasure or euphoria. In addition, opioid addiction can develop quickly, even with minimal use. The addiction can be physical or mental.

Physical addiction causes the user's body to crave the substance. On the other hand, mental addiction can cause the user to crave the drug consciously. Addicts can do whatever it takes to get the drug regardless of the dangers or consequences. Long-term opioid addiction can have detrimental health effects and may affect multiple organs. In addition, opioid addiction may affect the brain’s ability to produce the hormone dopamine, the body’s natural painkiller.

Short and Long Term Effects

Sustained use of opioids may inhibit the body’s ability to produce the hormone endorphin. In addition, the same dosage of opioids may not produce the required high with time. Long-term use builds a tolerance to the drug. One reason for the increased use of opioids is that it develops tolerance, which drives users to increase their dosage to keep the desired high.

Healthcare professionals are alive to the risks of opioid use, so it is extremely difficult to get doctors to increase or renew the dosage of an opioid prescription. This causes some opioid users to turn to illegal ways of obtaining opioids or heroin. Unfortunately, some of the illegally obtained drugs such as fentanyl contain harmful chemicals or stronger opioids. The combination of opioids and fentanyl is associated with many fatalities.

Seek professional help if your or a loved one has developed tolerance to opioids. There are safer alternatives that can help you make the change and continue feeling well. It is not advisable to stop opioid medication without professional help is the best recovery centers in Tarzana. Quitting opioid use suddenly can cause adverse side effects, including pain. Your addiction specialist can help you taper off opioid addiction safely and gradually.

Symptoms of Opioid Abuse and Addiction

Some of the signs of opioid use and addiction include:

  • Higher tolerance for the drug
  • Inability to stop or reduce usage
  • An uncontrollable desire to continue using even with health complications
  • Withdrawal symptoms when you stop
  • Adverse effects on relationships, work, and quality of life
  • Extreme weight gain or loss
  • Turning to crime to sustain the lifestyle

Tarzana Addiction Treatment

Opioid addiction is a complex psychological condition that can affect many aspects of a person’s life. Fortunately, seeking treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab in Tarzana can address some of the complications associated with opioid addiction. Treatment usually starts with detoxification to rid the body of harmful and addictive chemicals. Residential inpatient treatment centers in Tarzana use a combination of detoxification, medication, counseling, and vocational therapy.

You can overcome opioid addiction. Please contact North Star Detox & Rehab Center at 818-928-2042/818-928-2043 for the best physician-owned and operated recovery treatment center.


Opioid Addiction Treatment Tarzana
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Opioid Addiction Treatment Tarzana
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