Outpatient substance abuse treatment

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Outpatient substance abuse treatment

Struggling with substance abuse daily is not an option for people looking to live healthy, balanced lives next to their loved ones. Royal Life Centers promotes comprehensive, effective outpatient substance abuse treatment, relying on targeted medication, detox, long-term recovery services, and continuous professional care and support.

Who can qualify for outpatient treatment?

Our outpatient program is the next best thing if you don’t need inpatient treatment or cannot afford to join one. It is the ideal choice for individuals dealing with mild or moderate drug or alcohol addiction, looking for a comfortable and safe way out. To know if you qualify for our outpatient treatment, we recommend contacting our professionals and coming to our addiction treatment center for in-depth assessment and diagnosis.

Our rehab professionals will analyze your condition, gather information about your issues, and recommend adequate treatment for optimal results. As a general rule, however, our outpatient rehab program is the ideal choice for you if:

  • You have completed the inpatient program – The outpatient treatment functions as an extension of the inpatient program. It is part of an overarching rehabilitation protocol that includes detox, residential care, and long-term outpatient services, and case management support. Our drug treatment centers rely on outpatient services to help patients remain sober over the years and continue to improve their relapse prevention skills considerably over time.
  • You can’t afford inpatient care – If you’re looking for the best addiction treatment near me, but the inpatient treatment is out of your financial capabilities, the outpatient program can fill that gap. Although it’s not as effective at coping with aggravated addiction, it’s still infinitely more reliable at helping you manage your disorder than any self-treatment you might consider.
  • You don’t need inpatient care – Not all people require residential care to effectively cope with their addictions. If you only show signs of mild or moderate addiction, you don’t need to sign in a more expensive and intensive care program like residential treatment. Our outpatient program will suffice, providing you with customized recovery programs and a medical addiction treatment program for long-lasting recovery and sobriety management.

How the addiction rehab process works

Our addiction rehab centers promote patient-oriented detox, residential care, and outpatient treatment as ideal recovery programs for dealing with advanced addiction. But not all addiction victims need to undergo this recovery protocol. Our rehabilitation experts will assess your condition during the intake phase, making sure they have all the necessary information to make informed decisions. They will inform you on your treatment options based on your condition’s profile and severity, making sure you make the right call to ensure optimal recovery.

We recommend contacting us for immediate and reliable outpatient substance abuse treatment. The rehabilitation process will unfold much smoother the earlier you begin your rehab since recovery is easier when dealing with mild or moderate addictions. Contact Royal Life Centers at 877-732-6837, speak to our rehab experts, and make an appointment as soon as you can! You can begin the rehab treatment today to change your life forever.

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