Linda Russel LPNLinda Russel

Linda is skilled in Disease Management, Health Insurance, Clinical Research, Customer Service, and HMOs.  She is a strong community and social services professional, with an LPN focused in Nursing, which she obtained from Moraine Park Technical College (MPTC).

“I have been a nurse for more years than I care to admit, with the bulk of my experience being in Neurology, Internal Medicine and Case Management” said Linda.

When asked about being a nurse Linda said, “I was raised to always respect my elders and the less fortunate.  That value that was instilled in me as a child, and has remained with me throughout my career.”

Linda has joined Just Like Home Adult Day Center because she feels it is a perfect setting for her to continue nurturing her values and believes.  Her career has taken many different paths, but regardless of where her nursing role has taken her, she has been a steadfast advocate for the care of patients entrusted to her.  “I care for them as I would my own family”, added Linda.

Linda feels that at some point in her life she may be the one that needs assistance, therefore she believes in paying it forward through the care she provides today, and hopefully she will have an advocate for her care, just as she has done for so many others.

Just Like Home Adult Day Center has been built on these philosophies, and we are very proud to have Linda as an important member of our Care Team!


Mary Farrell Certified Nursing AssistantMary Farrell

I have always enjoyed working with the elderly.  They have such a history and I find that so interesting.  I have worked as a CNA for over 30 years, first at Cedar Lake Home (21 years) before they changed to Cedar Community, and then with Autumn Oaks Assisted Living (10 years).

I appreciate what my clients teach me and that means a lot to me to make a difference in their lives.  I joined Just Like Home Adult Day Center because I wanted to further my career in a somewhat different setting.

I felt that the Adult Day Center would allow me more one-on-one time with the individuals I care for, which would allow me to provide more personalized care allowing more time to get to know them and learn more about their lives.


Sharon Truss is an LPN and part of the medical staff at “Just Like Home” senior care center in Jackson, WI…minutes away from Port Washington and GraftonSharon Truss

Sharon has been involved in care-giving for quite some time. She is the middle child, and was always the one who made sure her little brother was safe. She was also responsible for keeping track of her big sister, and responsible for steering her away from getting in trouble (which didn’t always work).

She did a lot of babysitting and loved spending time at her Grandma’s house. Upon graduation from high school, she worked as a CNA while attending school to obtain her LPN degree. Since then, she has worked in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, home care, Hospice, and Memory Care.

Sharon has continued her education by taking college classes in ethics, sociology, and psychology, where she obtained accelerated honorable mention certificates. Her passion is working with the elderly because she feels she can help them both, medically or emotionally. Her care can make a difference in their life just by giving them care and support.


Amanda Schroeder is the activities director for Just Like Home adult senior day center in Jackson WIAmanda Schroeder

Amanda has been hired as the Activities Director for your loved ones!

Her goal is to provide recreational activities to our clients that will enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of each individual.  All activities will be based on the abilities and interests of all participants in order to achieve a balance between exercise, rest, mental stimulation, creativity, and FUN!

Amanda is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and also s Certified Dementia Practitioner.  She is also a member of the Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Professionals.

Prior to joining Just Like Home Adult Day Center, Amanda was a 4-year old kindergarten teacher until her grandmother fell ill.  It was at that time that she decided to take time off and be her caregiver.  Her grandmother’s wish was to stay in her home, and Amanda helped grant her wish.

Amanda feels that the final two years of her grandmother’s life were the most rewarding years of her life.  Her level of respect and admiration for the elderly arose to new heights, and low and behold her career path changed.

“My hope is to get to know and love your loved ones as I have done with my grandmother and the many elders that I have cared for.  I look forward to spending my days learning, loving, and having fun!  Making them smile, laugh, feel loved, and SAFE!  And most importantly, making memories with them and each of you!”


Williams staff Just Like Home adult day center jackson wiJanisha Williams

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

 Janisha has worked in Healthcare since 2011.  She got into the Healthcare field because of her passion to help and assist the elderly, and to enliven their lives.

“I was driven after my first experience in 2011 after being put on the first-floor, and caring for residents that suffered from behavioral issues, dementia, and Alzheimer’s Disease, said Janisha.”

After her loving grandfather/father, who was a Professional Boxer, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Janisha knew she had found her passion.

“I told myself that I wouldn’t stop”, she added.

Janisha is passionate at what she does, and loves seeing the smile that she can put on an individual’s face after doing the littlest of things.

“Seeing them happy makes me happy!  They also put a smile on my face, and this along with my positive attitude, is what drives me daily.”

Just Like Home Adult Day Center is proud to have Janisha on our Staff, and her positive attitude and “can do” attitude is exactly what our clients need to keep them healthy, living independently, and make them feel Just Like Home when they are with us!


Kreuser CNA staf just like home adult day center jackson wiEmma Kreuser

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Emma started working as a dining assistant with Cedar Community when she was 16-years old, and since that time she has come a long way.

At the ripe old age of 17-years old she received her CNA License, and started working closer with the residents.

“I enjoyed getting to know the residents when I was doing the feeding, but I wanted to get to know them better”, Emma commented.  “I really enjoyed getting to know the people that I was taking care of and their family members, but some days I felt like I wasn’t giving them the care that the deserved.”

Emma loved the field that she was working in, but was so busy with the demands of the job, that she wanted to advance to a position where she could provide more personalization and one-on-one care.

“I started looking into jobs that would allow more one-on-one time with people, and that is how I found ComForCare Home Care and Just Like Home Adult Day Center.”

Emma joined our ComForCare Home Care team first.  When owner, Dave Morbeck, recognized her commitment, professionalism, and desire to provide quality care and attention, he also offered her a position and time in the Just Like Home Adult Day Center.

Morbeck commented, “I felt really comfortable with Emma and her desire to provide care for people.  She is young, vibrant, and has a great smiling face which I knew would make people feel good.”

When asked about her experience, Emma said, “I knew that this was the job I was looking for the second I walked through the door.  It has given me the opportunity to really get to know the people I care for (in their homes and in the Adult Day Center), and to learn new things about them every day.  Having this one-on-one time allows me to feel like I can give them the care they deserve, with the level of personalization that I enjoy.”

Emma lives in West Bend, and is a student at Moraine Park Technical College where she is pursuing a career in…you guessed it, Nursing!

We are proud to have Emma on our TEAM, and love to see her smiling face in our Just Like Home Adult Day Center!


Barb Leider is a food preparation specialists for Just Like Home senior day centerBarb Leider

Barb is our Food Preparation Specialist, and also serves as a caregiver within the Adult Day Center.

“My goal is to not only nourish the bodies of my clients, but also their minds and souls.  I strive to enrich their lives whether it is through the food I prepare, or our conversations, music, games, or projects that we do.  I am committed to providing a caring, fun, safe and relaxing environment, and making your loved ones feel that they are Just Like Home.”

Prior to joining the Just Like Home Adult Day Center/ComForCare team, Barb worked in home care and hospice, and at a Dementia and Alzheimer’s Residential Facility.

Her interest in memory care and working with the elderly originated when she began working providing in home care.  This was her first introduction into the world of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  After weekly visits with a client who had a spouse in the memory care facility, this interest blossomed into a passion.

“I eagerly looked forward to each week’s visit, and I knew then that memory care was where I wanted to be”, said Barb.  “The road had been paved, and it was up to me to speed on down.”

Barb lives in Mayville with her husband, where they enjoy raising beef cows, steers and pigs, along with crop farming as well.  She is the mother of two adult daughters, her son-in-law, and her stepson.  Her other hobbies include gardening, yardwork, photography, and yes, cooking!

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