Stress Related Healthy Issues for Seniors

Stress Related Healthy Issues for Seniors

Seniors are constantly concerned about stress due to factors like declining health, lack of independence, boredom and diminished social life.

Chronic stress can lead to an increase in cortisol levels, which is a hormone that is associated with high blood pressure, altered metabolism, and higher blood sugar. Stress is often responsible for these six issues in senior health.

  • Stomach upset

Seniors can experience increased inflammation due to stress. This could have an adverse effect on the delicate linings in the stomach and intestines. Stress can cause constant symptoms such as constipation, heartburn, and diarrhea in seniors. While eating a healthy diet may reduce the severity of these symptoms it is better to avoid stressful situations.

  • Heart Disease

Stress can cause high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Seniors who are constantly stressed are at greater risk of heart attacks and strokes. Heart attacks can be caused by stress. Seniors at high risk of developing heart disease should avoid stressful situations and learn stress management techniques.

Stress can be one of the many factors that contribute to a senior’s poor mental and physical health. Seniors have different care needs. This means that not all seniors need the same kind of senior care. “Just like Home” can provide personalized daycare plans for your loved one.

“Just Like Home” day center offers seniors to a day of healthy lifestyle habits like eating nutritious food, exercising regularly, and keeping strong social connections that may help prevent cognitive decline and delay the onset of dementia.

  • Dementia

Certain types of dementia such as vascular dementia or Alzheimer’s are more common in those who have a lot of stress. This is because stress and all its heart problems can cause damage to the brain and prevent neurons from receiving the nutrients and oxygen they require. It may help to reduce dementia risk and slow down the progression of the disease by making lifestyle and exercise changes.

Seniors who aren’t careful about managing their stress can develop serious illnesses, which could make it difficult for them to take care of themselves. “Just Like Home” in Jackson, Wi can provide daytime assistance for seniors and provides the opportunity for seniors to eat healthy, exercise, and engage in other important aspects of their lives.

  • Obesity

Chronic stress can alter the way your body processes carbs, fats, and proteins. It also encourages you to store more fat around your stomach and midsection. Obesity can cause poor health. However, you can encourage your loved one to exercise. Exercise can help you lose weight and manage stress.

  • Diabetes

The body’s attempt to create energy for an attacker or escape danger situations can lead to higher glucose levels due to stress. People who manage stress with comfort foods high in sugar and fat can also cause problems. Seniors can avoid increasing their diabetes risk by learning how to not react to stress through eating.

  • Depression

Seniors are already at higher risk for depression than the rest of society, so putting them under too much stress only makes it worse. Stress can have a severe impact on your quality of life. Talk to your loved one about their stressors to find solutions. Therapy can be very helpful in cases of severe stress or depression.

About “Just Like Home” senior day center:

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