substance abuse help NH

substance abuse help NH

Why You Should Seek Substance Abuse Help In NH

The biggest problem with substance abuse is that most of the patients often find it difficult to seek substance abuse help in NH. If you are a patient and you also do not want to seek substance abuse help in NH, you should consider the following points.

You can’t handle it yourself

Instead of seeking substance abuse help in NH, some patients prefer to handle it themselves. According to Albert Einstein, the famous physicist, you can’t solve a problem with the same kind of mentality that created the problem. If you could handle substance abuse on your own, it won’t become an addiction as you would have avoided it in the first place.

So, you are just not being realistic with yourself by thinking you can handle it on your own. Haven’t you observed that each time you try to live without the drug for a while, you end up taking more than your usual dosage? It is an indication that you need help.

The intensity of addiction does not remain the same

As you keep avoiding treatment, you should also bear in mind that the intensity of your addiction to drug will either get better with treatment or get worse. As each day goes by, it becomes more difficult for you to recover fully. That means the chances of full recovery reduce with each day without treatment.

Avoiding stigmatization

This is an obsolete idea. People are no longer stigmatized for taking the courage to seek rehabilitation. If you think it is shameful to seek help, it seems you are a little out of tune with reality. People are now commended for taking the bold step of seeking help. In fact, people are now celebrated for surviving ailments like cancer, addiction, and many more.

This is because the society needs you. You can only be able to contribute your own quota to the society if you are in the right frame of mind. People who really love you will see your addiction as a mistake and they will not only appreciate your effort to recover, they will also give their support. Will you love your spouse, brother or friend less because he or she chose to get himself rehabilitated?

You should understand that anyone who laughs at you for seeking help does not care about you. So, he prefers you to remain in that miserable condition. Instead of thinking about those that will stigmatize you for seeking help, you should think of those that are happy that you are an addict.

In fact, it is no longer an option but a legal obligation for treatment centers to keep the identities of their participants confidential.

You think you are not addicted

Another common problem is that several drug addiction patients don’t admit that they are addicted. Do you also doubt your addiction? Why not conduct a simple test and be sincere with yourself? The test is simple. Prove to yourself that you are not addicted by staying away from your favorite substance or drug for the next 72 straight hours.

If you can’t stay away from it for just 72 hours, then you already know the truth. Conversely, if you are able to stay away from the drug for those 72 hours, may be you are really not addicted, you are just fond of the drug. Then you should be careful so that the fondness does not turn into addiction.


substance abuse help NH
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