Top Alcohol Rehab California

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Top Alcohol Rehab California

Every person’s reasons for alcohol or drug addiction are unique. For instance, an individual who's self-medicating to suppress the symptoms of a mental health disorder is totally different from that of a career person drinking due to pressure at work. So, to ensure you stand the best chance of attaining lasting sobriety, a rehabilitation center in Orange County, CA, will have to tailor treatment according to your individual recovery needs.

At Ocean Hills Recovery, we’re a top alcohol rehab in California that offers a continuum of care comprising varying treatment levels. Normally, we begin with a thorough evaluation to determine which programs suit you best.

Our Continuum of Care

Instead of using a cookie-cutter approach and expecting it to work for everyone, we make sure that our treatment plans are adjusted to fit you. As one of the top-rated Orange County rehabs, our full-service continuum of care entails various phases that will help you each step of your recovery.

  • Detox

The first and very important step in California drug treatment facilities is detox. Detoxification will vary based on the severity of your physiological dependence, the substance used, and withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawing under our care will make the process more comfortable and safer. In this stage, we’ll monitor your vitals round the clock for potentially life-threatening side effects.

  • Inpatient

As one of the unsurpassed addiction treatment centers in Orange County, we may recommend inpatient residential treatment after successfully completing our detox program. Inpatient involves various aspects, including:

Dual diagnosis treatment – If you have an underlying mental health illness, we’ll address it simultaneously with your substance use disorder. 

Individual and group therapy– In individual therapy, we’ll uncover the root cause of your addiction and show you how to manage cravings and triggers. When it comes to group therapy, we’ll encourage building healthy relationships with peers. You’ll also be motivated to continue pursuing sobriety from the experiences and support of others.

  • Outpatient

Once you’re done with our inpatient residential treatment, you can step down into our outpatient program for continued sobriety efforts. Outpatient treatment is quite flexible and allows you to go back home at the end of every session. Therefore, you can go to school, work, and take care of your family while still attending rehab.

Like all other programs in our facility, we'll customize the treatment depending on your needs. The aim of this level of care is to help you manage the addiction with little support.

  • Continued Support

Completing treatment doesn’t mean you’re done with the continuum of care. This is because managing addiction alone usually increases the risk of relapse. For this reason, we’ll develop an aftercare plan that works best for you. Here, we offer access to support groups and relapse training.

Further, we'll connect you to resources in your community and, if necessary, provide a transitional living residence. If you don’t have a home to return to after drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, or the environment isn’t conducive to your recovery, our transitional living home can offer the structure, stability, and resources you need to live a life free from drugs or alcohol.

Take Your First Step in Addiction Recovery

At Ocean Hills Recovery, you don't have to fight addiction alone; we'll guide you on the path to lifelong sobriety that so many have taken with us. From detox, inpatient, and outpatient programs to ongoing education, support, and counseling, our top alcohol rehab in California is committed to your success. Call us or verify your insurance now:

Top Alcohol Rehab California
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Top Alcohol Rehab California
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